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John Zweber vs. State Farm Insurance Co. No. 10-2-00335-8

Case Conclusion Date: 03.08.2012

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Jury Verdict $1,300,000.00

Description: The Plaintiff John Zweber was insured by State Farm Insurance Company. He was involved in a medium speed collision with moderate damage to his vehicle. He did not go to the emergency room. The other driver was totally at fault. This driver's insurance company paid John Zweber its full policy limit of $100,000.00. John Zweber then demanded that his own insurance company (State Farm) pay him $250,000.00 which was the full amount of his Underinsured Moterist benefits. State farm refused. Mr Zweber was not represented by an attorney at that time. After fighting with State Farm Insurance for several months, and after having his claim repeatedly denied, John Zweber hired me to file an Under Insured Motorist claim against State Farm. After considerable effort I finally got State Farm to pay Mr. Zweber $100,000.00. of the $250,000.00 insurance proceeds available. I continued to demand that State Farm pay Mr. Zweber the remaining $150,000.00 in insurance monies under the policy. State Farm said that Mr. Zwebers case was not worth more than the $250,000.00 he had received. I then sued State Farm in the Skagit County Superior Court and demanded a jury trial. During the four day jury trial, I called many lay and expert witnesses at trial. To make a long story short, the jury believed our presentation and completely rejected State Farms arguement that Mr. Zweber was not seriously injured and that he should not be awarded more than 20-30 thousand. The jury award was about 40 times more than State Farm felt the case was worth. Right now I am bringing a lawsuit for Bad Faith against State Farm and I will be requesting tripple damages and an award in excess of $5,000,000.00 for State Farm's Bad Faith action in failing to treat Mr. Zweber fairly and pay him what his case was realy worth.

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