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Emily Caitlin Beschen

Emily Beschen’s Legal Guides

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  • Can Police Search My Cell Phone Without Permission?

    In courts across the United States, the government and defense attorneys are battling it outto determine whether police can search a persons cell phone for evidence, without seekinga search warrant. Why are cops interested in my cell phone data? Most of us do not consider the pri...

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  • Advice for Family Members of Inmates at Whatcom County Jail

    First, take a deep breath and know that this can happen to anyone. A loved one could be in the wrong place at the wrong time, make a split second mistake, be struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues. It can be a stressful andespecially frustrating time. Emotions c...

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  • Clearing Up Your Criminal Record: Expunging and vacating convictions in Washington

    With more than 80% of employers performing criminal background checks, you need to take action to clear up old criminal records you have. If you are unsure whether you have a record in Washington State, finding out is simple. We encourage everyone order a $10 criminal history rec...

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