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Possession of Cocaine & Marijuana With Intent to Deliver #84-1-000**-0

Case Conclusion Date: 08.16.2012

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Dismissed Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Deliver Charges (6 Counts) & Amended Felony Possession of Marijuana charge to Solicitation, a Gross Misdemeanor

Description: Client charged with Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Deliver (6 Counts), a Class B felony, and Possession of Marijuana Over 40 Grams (1 Count), a Class C felony. This case was over 2o years old. Nevertheless, my investigations revealed the police officers were still available to testify. Also, the crime lab still possessed the contraband evidence. I put together a "merit package" consisting of numerous character reference letters and other mitigating information. With this information, the Prosecutor and I worked out an extremely generous resolution. All cocaine drug dealing charges were dismissed. The Possession of Marijuana felony was amended down to Solicitation; a gross misdemeanor. Client would only serve 5 days in jail, complete 240 hours community service, pay minimal fines and undergo no drug evaluations; treatment or probation. The outcome saved client's employment as a caregiver and bonded business owner.

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