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Felony Harassment & Possession of a Weapon By a Prisoner #12-1-008**-9

Case Conclusion Date: 09.28.2012

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Full Jury Acquittal

Description: Client T.M. was charged with Felony Harassment (Count I) and Possession of a Weapon by a Prisoner (Count II). He was serving time at the county jail on an unrelated conviction. Unfortunately, he was also epileptic; and wasn't receiving his anti-seizure medications from jail nursing staff. After writing numerous complaints, T.M. and a nurse engage a brief argument through the "hatch" doorway of his cell. The argument was overheard by another inmate (Mr. R) who later became the Prosecution's star witness. Mr. R informed jail staff that T.M.intended to kill the nurse. Later, jail staff searched T.M.'s cell and found a short toothbrush with the handle sharpened down to a wedge. At trial, attorney Alexander Ransom successfully impeached Mr. R by revealing Mr. R's prior crimes of dishonesty, showing numerous flaws in Mr. R's testimony and revealing Mr. R would benefit from testifying against T.M. Ransom also showed T.M. was medically diagnosed with epilepsy, experiencing seizures in jail, had never threatened the nurse, and used the toothbrush to clean debris from the walls of his cell. After four days of trial, the 12-person jury returned "Not Guilty" verdicts on all charges. They took one hour to deliberate.

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