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Adrian Martinez Madrone

About Adrian Madrone

About me

After several years serving as a public defender and judicial law clerk in King County, I entered private practice in 2010. Now, as a partner in the law firm Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone, I focus on defending people who face criminal charges. I have developed particular knowledge and training regarding DUI charges, which I use to assist my clients. I also work extensively in defending against domestic violence allegations, and in defending felony drug and property crimes. Regardless of the charge, I advocate for my clients through every step of the court process.


In addition to my work defending against criminal charges, I also assist clients in vacating and expunging old criminal convictions, sealing juvenile offender records, and restoring firearm rights. Helping people get a fresh start with a clean slate is a very rewarding part of my job.


All in all, it is an incredible feeling to come to work everyday knowing that I can help people through some of the toughest times in their lives.

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