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Kevin W Conner

Kevin Conner’s Legal Guides

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  • Do I have to pay my own insurance company back for the medical bills they paid?

    Your insurance contract gives your insurance company subrogation rights.

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  • What process can I expect in my personal injury case?

    What Process can you expect in your Washington State personal injury case?

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  • Is there a time period in Washington in which I have to file my claim?

    In a word, yes. A statute of limitation (sol) is a law shich places a time limit on pursuing a legal remedy in relation to a specific act of negligence of legally wrongful conduct. If the sol is not complied with, pursuing the claim is barred forever. The following Washington Sta...

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  • Do I have a good personal injury case in Washington State?

    Only a qualified attorney can answer that question after learning the specific facts of your case. I offer a free consultation for that purpose. A person has a strong legal case if certain factual factors exist in their situation. Generally, in order to have a "winnable" case, yo...

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  • Are releases or liability waivers valid in Washington State?

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  • Tips following an automobile accident in Washington State

    Step One Assess the situation. Take a moment to focus on whether you or anyone else in your vehicle is injured. Before exiting your vehicle, make sure you have a full appreciation of any potential

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