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Firefighter v. Fire District

Practice Area: Employment and labor

Outcome: Unanimous Verdict for the Fire Fighter.

Description: A female volunteer fire fighter experienced retaliation and was eventually fired after questioning her Chief about being treated unfairly. When we (her attorneys) gave notice that we intended to file suit, as required by law when suing a "public utility", we were threatened with counter suits against the fire fighter and her attorneys personally. Facing those threats we filed anyway, persisted through a very hardened and disingenuous defense that gave no quarter and relentlessly attacked the Fire Fighter personally. We prevailed in a month long jury trial that ended in a unanimous verdict in our favor. Plaintiff's attorneys were awarded fees and costs in excess of $750,000 and the volunteer fire fighter was awarded $60,000 as well as having her personal file essentially purged of the damaging entries. Congratulations to the Fire Fighter who hung tough through some very threatening times and worked with her attorneys as a member of the team.

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