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David Ranz

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  • Do I need owe money, and do I need an attorney?

    About 3 years ago, a car I had sold, but hadn't transferred the title to, was involved in an accident. I never received anything in the mail, or any phone calls for this accident, until today, when the DOL sent me a copy of the letter of suspensi...

    David’s Answer

    Your best option is to consult with an attorney. AVVO is a great tool for finding the right attorney for your issue in your area.

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  • I was in accident & not at fault. Esurance accepted liability. My car repairs took over a month & came back not complete. Help!

    My car repairs took over a month & when I got my car back, it was not complete. I was NEVER provided the estimate prior to the final bill. When i drove the car away I immediately called & let them know the issues. I was told that these things were...

    David’s Answer

    I agree with all of these attorneys. You should consult with an attorney.

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  • I want to contest my traffic ticket but I will not be in town. What should I do?

    I got a traffic ticket for crossing a railroad crossing while the gates were coming down over my car. I will be leaving the state in 2 weeks to go back to school so I don't know if I will be here for the court date. Do I try and submit a written...

    David’s Answer

    Generally speaking, with traffic infractions an attorney can appear on your behalf, and your presence in court would not be not required (there are a couple of courts where this is not true, and your presence is required). In any case, as others have stated saving a deferred is usually a good idea as you only get one every seven (7) years. Traffic infractions are heavily court specific, the easiest thing to do would be to hire a lawyer and have them fight the infraction on your behalf.

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