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Alison Holcomb

About Alison Holcomb

About me

Alison Holcomb is the Criminal Justice Director for the ACLU of Washington State. Her work focuses on advancing changes to our criminal laws that recognize that not every social problem can, or should, be treated as a crime, and that funneling people into the criminal justice system actually amplifies social problems and undermines public safety. Before joining the ACLU in 2006, she was a trial lawyer in state and federal courts for thirteen years.

Alison was the chief architect of Washington State Initiative Measure No. 502, which legalized, taxed, and regulated marijuana for adults 21 and older.  She also served as campaign director for New Approach Washington, the political action committee that supported I-502's passage on November 6, 2012, by a 56 to 44 percent margin.


Alison is a past vice-president of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and former chair of the Legal Frameworks Group of the King County Bar Association's Drug Policy Project. She has served on the Seattle City Council's I-75 Marijuana Policy Review Panel and its Jail Capacity Study Advisory Group, which examined the impact of alternative approaches to low-level drug offenses on jail use.


Alison received her B.A. from Stanford University and her J.D. from the University of Washington School of Law.

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