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Eric S Newman

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  • Can I sue someone who molested me, but I am outside of the statute of limitations to press criminal charges?

    No intercourse, molestation and this happenend in May of 1998. I never recovered, it was a family member and I would like to get closure and find what ways if any I ccan hold him accaountable now.

    Eric’s Answer

    As stated above, in sexual abuse cases the statute of limitations is not a bright line. You should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, as time may be of the essence.

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  • WA - Car Insured by Owner, Non-Owner Driver w/ Suspended License in Accident

    Washington State - I have a vehicle that is fully insured. I allowed a friend to drive my car to an appointment. She was in a minor accident with minor damage to both vehicles with a police report, with fault yet to be determined. Afterward, I fou...

    Eric’s Answer

    Whether your car is covered by insurance would be governed by your individual policy.

    A concern for you is the possibility of a negligent entrustment claim against you if your friend is at fault and the other driver is injured. There are a number of defenses to negligent entrustment, but it is a small concern.

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  • Can I seek damages from my sons friend who wrecked our Nearly new dune buggy.

    I allowed my son (15yo) and his friend (15yo) to ride around in our new dune bug. They took turns driving and when his friend was driving he wanted to try to do stunts. My son asked him to stop but his friend persisted. End result was he caused th...

    Eric’s Answer

    You can make a claim, but there are some insurance issues that would have to be sorted out. Without insurance coverage, you may be able to get a judgment against the driver, but it would not be worth anything if he could not afford to pay it. I would need more information to determine if there is insurance coverage for the accident.

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