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Sunny Gautam v. Donald Hicks

Case Conclusion Date: 08.03.2012

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Jury Verdict in favor of Plaintiff.

Description: Defendant Donald Hicks chose to drive his car too fast and he chose not to pay attention. Defendant Hicks violated basic roadway safety rules and crashed into Mr. Sunny Gautam, causing Mr. Gautam to suffer a painful injury to his spine. Defendant Hicks and his insurance company, Workmen's Insurance, then chose not to take responsibility for his actions, thereby forcing Mr. Gautam to file a lawsuit in King County Superior Court. A 12 person jury heard Mr. Gautam's case over 2 days and returned a substantial money verdict in favor of Mr. Gautam. The jury enforced the community's safety rules, held the Defendant accountable, and allowed fair compensation for Mr. Gautam. This verdict goes a long way in keeping the King County community safe and proving that Justice still exists for all members of our community.

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