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Jeffrey Lawrence Herman

Jeffrey Herman’s reviews

     4.5 stars 17 total

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  • Fantastic, professional, won the case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deborah

    Jeffrey Herman represented us and it could not have gone better. He knows how the navigate the system, he is seasoned, articulate, smart, and conscientious. He believes in what he does and he will fight for you. We highly recommend him.

    Hired attorney
  • Lawyer hires Jeff

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Glenn

    I am a practicing attorney who went to law school with Jeff. When I was seriously injured in accident, I knew I didn't want to represent myself even though I handle asbestos injury claims. (A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.) I called Jeff and I am glad I did. He's the best personal injury lawyer I know (not including me!) Absolutely dogged in pursuing your claim.

  • Highly Recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    After I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle I took the time to interview several
    lawyers. In the interim we turned to Jeff to settle a case where my wife's car had been
    hit from behind while stopped at an intersection. In my wife's case Jeff was quite knowledgeable,
    compassionate and efficient in obtaining information, submitting claims and dealing with
    a rather contentious at fault insurance company from whom he obtained a very equitable outcome.
    When I had completed treatment for injuries sustained in my bicycle accident I hired Jeff
    to handle the case from the beginning. In the course of obtaining records, submitting the
    claim and dealing with the at fault insurance company he obtained the best possible outcome
    that we could have hoped for while keeping me informed and in the loop through the
    entire process. While working on my case Jeff displayed an exceptional ability to listen to
    us and then describe the possible solutions and laws that dictate these outcomes.

    Highly recommend!!

  • Not just for "big" cases

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    I found Jeffrey Herman to be a capable and strong advocate for my small, personal injury case.

    From the beginning, he let me know he was with me. Not just that he would take my case, but that he understood and empathized with what I was going through. It was also helpful to know he is a contingency-based attorney so there was some validation in knowing he was willing to take the "risk".

    Mr. Herman is very knowledgeable and often cites legalities or situations from past cases he's worked on - some of them quite severe. While some may question why Mr. Herman does this, I found it very helpful. It directly illustrates how well-versed he is in the law and personal injury. It also shows his willingness to fight for his clients.

    I want to note that I gave Mr. Herman an "average" for "Keep me Informed" but that was NOT due to any lack of communication from him. Instead, his communication with me was as expected, so average. One cannot realistically expect an attorney to contact them every time they think about one's case. Mr. Herman contacted me as necessary to discuss appropriate details of my case. No more and no less.

    Finally, Mr. Herman is a personable attorney but don't let that fool you! I personally witnessed him assert our position in a respectful but no-nonsense way. While Mr. Herman is approachable and considerate of his clients, he's got the bark and bite to work on their behalf.

  • He is the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachel

    We have really enjoyed working with Jeff. He always takes care of all of our concerns and question promptly. I don't think we would have been in the place or have the same outcome, if it was not for his actions and practice. The passion and love for what he does really comes out even during the smallest conversations. I think the best part of working with Jeff, is that he genuinely wants to know how we were feeling and healing. We can't say enough to express how well he took care of us during our traumatic situation. He was a true advocate for us, and we are so grateful for the outcome. We recommend Jeff to everybody!

  • Highly Recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle F.

    I have worked with Jeff as co-counsel (I am an attorney), and was so impressed with his work that I hired him when my infant and I were in an auto accident. He was wonderful to work with, and I recommend him to all of my friends. Thanks Jeff!


    1.0 star

    Posted by Michael Goodall

    My non-verbal son Casey Nelson was abused in foster care (FOUNDED) This information was withheld during my son's "Dependency" Hearing. When I was finally informed by CPS of Casey's abuse, I called several "child abuse attorney" Mr. Herman, could not get me to sign a "contract" quick enough. Mr. Herman did not care one bit that Children's Hospital denied my son appropriate medical attention or the DDD, DSHS and CPS were covering this fact up. Mr. Herman did not care that Catholic Community Services or the Shelton School District has wronged my son likewise (no oversight during the FOUNDED ABUSE PERIOD. No instead Mr. Herman boosted about how "DSHS was not going to push him around" or if DSHS does not turn over my son's case file "he'll be in Court tomorrow" or "my son's case file will take up half this wall" or the reason "I have visitation" is because of (him). Yeah right, Jeffrey Herman did nothing for two years. He did not even take my son's case when he "split" from Bradley Johnson, let alone inform, keep me updated, have really any knowledge regarding how to proceed, and did not care about my son's continuing pattern of neglect and cover-up of facts by DSHS. Pathetic in short. In fact no other attorney will represent my son now due to Mr. Herman's influence and past tainting of my son's case. Update Sir, my son's front two teeth are missing, he went to school with a black-eye for which the school made a CPS referral, the Dependency Judge denied me access to this report and others. I have not seen Casey for five years. I really even doubt if Casey goes to school or for more that an hour a day. Hope you are happy because you cared not one bit for my son. ONE LAST THING, Mr Herman did go to court and appoint some "Legal Guardian" for my son. This Attorney refuses to return my calls or inform me where the "DSHS File (will take up half a wall) is that Mr. Herman "worked so hard to obtain after DSHS took two years to finally turn it over to Mr. Herman. HE DID NOT EVEN HAVE THE COMMON CURTSY TO CONTACT ME WHEN HE "SPLIT" BRADLEY JOHNSON LAW FIRM, TAINTED MY SON'S CASE AND DID NOTHING FOR TWO YEARS, APPOINTED A LEGAL GUARDIAN WHO LIKEWISE HAS DONE NOTHING, SHAME ONE YOU JEFFREY HERMAN, ALL TALK AND NO ACTION, Well unless you "passed" on my son's case due to "MY ACTIONS" meaning, Contesting the 2004 Governor's Election by Filing with The WA State Supreme Court, or my later Arrest, Trial and Acquittal of "so-called threats" against the governor. If this is the case YOU SHOULD BE DISBARRED. I'm regretful that I even contacted you with respect to Casey's abuse. Michael [last name removed] [phone number removed]

  • Excellent Personal Injury Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Wrongful Death client

    I recently used Mr. Herman for a tragic case. From the very first moment that he came to visit us at home, he showed a very keen interest in our case and was very sympathetic. He gained our trust and confidence right away. He is a great lawyer, very knowledgeable in his field; he always kept us informed throughout the long litigation period. He was very prompt in returning my calls and responding to emails, even on weekends. I highly recommend Mr. Herman to anyone who may one day need a Personal Injury Lawyer.

  • Very Happy Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Devon

    Jeff took over my case from a firm that was too busy to handle it. He was immediately responsive, friendly and informative. He offers his clients hope and encouragement and is very good at setting guidelines for reasonable expectations. It is obvious that Jeff loves what he does and that his focus is helping people that legitimately need his help. I am a very happy client who would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

  • Personal injury and property damage

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Aaron

    Jeff helped me get paid for damage to my vehicle and personal injury after I was rear-ended on I5. He was attentive and persistent, even after the case went to arbitration. I didn't have to worry about anything.