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Shawn Roric Crowley

About Shawn Crowley

About me

My undergraduate education at the University of Washington started with a concentration in South Asian Area Studies but I finished with a B.S. in Cell/Molecular Biology. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree I entered a PhD program at the University of New Mexico with an emphasis on evolution and adaptive physiology. I completed my PhD in 1986. Along the way I taught at undergraduate and graduate levels. My research has been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals.

Upon returning to Seattle, I entered the University of Washington Law School, earning my J.D. in 1989. While a law student I worked representing low-income individuals in a law clinic and also taught an ecology/natural history class in the UW's Zoology program. In 1989 I joined the Defender Association as a staff attorney. In my years at the Defender Association I represented indigent clients on cases ranging from suspended driver's licenses to homicide.


I now work out of my home as a sole practitioner. My low overhead allows me to make a living while keeping my fees within reach of the average person.


I enjoy working with clients from diverse backgrounds. I lived in Thailand for two years and have traveled in Japan, India, and Maylaysia. Teaching in New Mexico, I had students from the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes. These experiences educated me on the significance of understanding culture and language when working with others. I am LGBT and kink friendly.