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Matthew Erik Johnson

Matthew Johnson’s Legal Guides

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  • What Debts Cannot Be Discharged In Bankruptcy.

    The government allows most debts to be “discharged” through bankruptcy. A discharge erases the obligation to pay the debt and prohibits collection actions against the debt. This is a partial list of the common types of debts that are not dischargeable. Determining which debts cannot be discharged

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  • Disadvantages of Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy isnt right for every debt problem. While bankruptcy is a fantastic solution for most people facing serious debt, other options are available that should be used depending on the circumstances. So what are the disadvantages of bankruptcy? There are three disadvantages a...

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  • Retirement Accounts: What is the Difference between a “Beneficiary” and a “Designated Beneficiary”

    For many middle-class families, the biggest or second biggest asset they have is their retirement account. Unfortunately, our wonderful politicians and IRS have made retirement accounts into a mine-field of taxes. Without proper care, taxes can completely wipe out a retirement ac...

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  • What is a Power of Attorney?

    No estate plan, no life plan, no emergency plan is complete without a power of attorney document. The power of attorney is one of the most important things anybody can do to legally safeguard themselves, securing their children, and providing a concrete plan for their loved ones....

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  • Choosing an executor

    Read about how to choose an executor that will be reliable in handling your will.

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  • Keeping Property in a Bankruptcy

    A common fear leading up to bankruptcy for most clients is Can you keep your property through aChapter 7bankruptcy? The answer is somewhat complicated and the short answer is: Maybe, depending on your situation. This is what something called exemptions are for. The way I explain...

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  • How To Choose A Guardian

    The most critical reason every parent should create an estate plan is the selection of guardians. Who will take care of your children if their biological parents pass away? Not the most fun thing to think about, but too few parents take this simple step to ensuring their children are always safe.

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