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Frederick P Langer

Frederick Langer’s reviews

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  • Outstanding Compasionate Man

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda

    Fred Langer was the most amazing lawyer I have ever known. He was wonderful listening to my challenges and extremely helpful. Dealing with personal illness and the difficulties of disability insurance is very stressful. The stress was impacting my illness in a very negative way until Fred was introduced to me. He handled all the paperwork and was always open to listen to my questions. My illness has leveled off thanks to all of Fred's help and guidance which has greatly reduced my stress level.

  • Fred is sensitive, hardworking and realistic - I am a grateful client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Teresa

    My story is like many other individuals who suffer disability and are forced to stop work long before they desire. After 20 years with a prominent NW company I was forced to quit a great job due to back pain. I was denied long term disability insurance by my insurer - Unum - because they felt I could do my job in spite of disagreement from several doctors, my own employer and letters from friends and family. My case was incredibly difficult and I was fearful and frustrated. Mr. Langer worked diligently on my case and patiently explained ERISA ,rules, law and strategy. Mr. Langer is a compassionate man who I recommend to anyone experiencing something as devastating as a disabling disease and then the ultimate frustration of denial of an insurance claim. I want to make one note as far as Mr. Langer's responsiveness and keeping me informed as I rated Good vs Excellent. He works very hard, is incredibly busy and is sometimes difficult to reach. One must understand that Mr. Langer's days are filled with: meeting with clients, interviewing doctors, speaking with insurance companies, speaking with insurance company lawyers, attending court sessions, and so many other things I don't even know. But, every deadline is met and with such competency; as an individual who also had a very busy and high pressure job, I understand the reality that exists here. I am so grateful Fred Langer was recommended to me and I feel confident recommending him. I will always be grateful to Fred and his entire staff.

  • A Supportive Man who listens when you need him

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jodi

    Fred Langer participated in my succesful litigation against a large Insurance company that failed to pay my husband's life insurance policy. He was there and supportive any time I needed him, both with his legal expertise and his medical background. He did and excellent job for me and I highly reccomend him.

  • A self centered opportunist

    1.0 star

    Posted by Robert

    Mine was a privately purchased long term disability claim that had been handled by a former associate of this lawyer for almost six years.
    The insurance company withheld over $80,000 in benefits in the first years of disability and continued to pay partial benefits on "reservation of rights" until early 2007. We hired this attorney to enforce our contract to secure those back benefits and premiums paid after the date of my disability.
    We had proof that the insurance company had mislead us on both the terms and the interpretation of policy language. We were expecting the attorney to represent us in litigation as he promised to do when we signed the agreement with him but, subsequently, after the lawsuit was filed, he informs us that we mislead him and we had no case.
    Instead he recommended a "mediation" wherein he assumed an adversarial position against us to gain our agreement to a "settlement" that was satisfactory to him but devastatinjg to us.
    He said we either took the proposed 20% offer or he would abandon us and we would not be able to find another lawyer afterwards.
    In the course of the mediation we heard him tell others that he had "draws" outstanding at his office and a former partner was demanding an accounting. We were left insufficient money to even pay the loans we had incurred while we had hoped to buy a small business to try to get us through the financial mess this left us in.
    This lawyer ran for a political office while he was supposed to be working for us.
    While he is a seemingly "nice" man, he is egocentric, in my opinion.