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Lambert vs. Aetna Life Insurance Company

Case Conclusion Date: 08.01.2006

Practice Area: Employee benefits

Outcome: Court Ruled Aetna's Denial of Claim Unreasonable

Description: Ms. Lambert was diagnosed by her treating physicians with fibromyalgia, and stopped working in May 2001. Her ERISA Disability benefits were denied on July 31, 2001 (effective 6/17/2001) based on an independent medical exam ordered by Aetna. Suit was filed in U.S. District Court. After extensive Summary Judgment proceedings in front of Judge Lasnik Aetna's Motion For Dismissal was denied. Case resolved thereafter for a confidential amount (included past STD/LTD benefits to January 2004 and lump sum settlement). Court ruled that Aetna investigation and administration of claim was unreasonable and ordered a remand - Aetna reinstated her benefits and paid attorney's fees and costs.

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