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  • what a scam and a total waste of money!

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    Anonymous review posted on

    Dave started off very well with a reasonable flat fee. I had left my abusive husband and was struggling with nothing and was living in another state. I paid the flat fee and it began well. He assured me he would treat me like his full paying clients. He was the 2nd attorney I hired to work on my very difficult divorce case. Then he got very busy for me. Every time I called him I had to spend the first 20 mins reminding him of my case. He also charged me $2000 extra that was supposed to be for an accountant and other fees. He told me there was left over but never told me where the money was going, there were never any invoices. I drafted my own motions and statements. I'm not a qualified paralegal and I had to struggle with the paperwork despite paying him. He never proofread them. I saw it after the opposing counsel cut and pasted his email responses and my statements and the same typos that he said he would correct. It was unprofessional and made us both look bad. It dragged on for 6 months longer than the year. He just made my life so difficult! He sent me a financial statement to fill out and gave me no guidance and 1 day to finish. He never answers phones/emails. Finally when I decided to settle with nothing, he still delayed the whole thing! He was never available for the settlement conference even when I cleared my schedule for a whole month. His unprofessionality was what affected my divorce. When I fired him, he took a whole week to get back and file the motion to withdraw. I live out of state and asked him to mail my documents. Since December, I haven't heard from him, he didn't reply to any of my emails and I send more than 5 periodically giving him my address and asking him to mail them. Nothing! I still didn't get my files from him!
    So if you can't pay by the hour, he won't give a damn. If you want to give him the money, do your own work and suffer through a divorce with a very unprofessional attorney, by all means hire him.

    Hired attorney
    Dave Hawkins’s response: “I just saw this review. Just prior to Christmas the client asked me to withdraw which I did. She then asked me to leave the file for her for someone to pick up while I was gone, I did. When I returned 2 weeks later, the file was still there. I have not head from her since that time. I guess I'll have to write her and determine how she wants to pick up the file since no one ever came by. Clients often believe that we can talk to them at a moments notice -- this is not the case. I am in court a lot and simply cannot stop the presses to speak to the client -- it is unfortunate, but that is the way of things. I represented this client for a long time and before Christmas, she wanted to end the case abruptly but never advised how she wanted to do that, i.e. settlement terms. She refused to come to Wa to attend a settlement conference and I advised her she had not choice under the court rules, She simply could not understand that concept. It is sad it had to end this way, but if she had done as she advised i.e. send someone by while I was gone to pick up the file, this miscommunication could been avoided. I didn't even know the case had been resolved and there is is no reason I should have known -- a simple letter would have helped. I have received no e-mails from her because when I close a file, as I did in December, the contact information is removed from my e-mail provider and emails will go to spam. It is ironic that I have to find out about this in Avvol. All she had to do was write a simple letter and this could have been resolved. I'm not eve sure of her address at this point -- its been two months. If she is reading this I ask that she call me (if I'm not there, leave a message) or write a letter -- DO NOT EMAIL -- it will go to spam. Hopefully she will see this or the letter I will send her because I want to get the file out of the office and I do offer my apologies for the miscommunication, but there is a lesson here, over reliance on technology can lead to this kind of a problem. If I keep all of the information I have on every client in the computer, nothing would work, hence the need to purge once I stop representing a client. I keep hard copies, but I have to make room in the computer. Case in point, I did not even know when this review was left and its been two weeks.”
  • there is nothing you can say bad about dave

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Unless you lose to him, which you will if you go up against him. My ex lost to Dave the. Out of bitterness wrote a nasty review pretending to be an unhappy client. My ex was an u happy client, but he has his own lawyer to blame for that and take it up with. Dave is the best- he is fighting the good fight and he is winning!

  • Encore

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    Anonymous review posted on

    I wrote the review calling Dave the Dr House of Lawyers. He can do the impossible and he did.. For me.

    I am not the best writer, I did make sure I punctuated on what is most important- DAVE WON my case

    But to sum up and clarify my review, my ex had every advantage on me one possibly could. He had no qualms or moral conflict with playing dirty. And dirty he played. His lawyer, also had no problem with playing dirty, and together they piled it on and piled it on. It was horrible. It seemed hopeless, while nothing is hopeless, it just really did not look good. The deeper we got into it the worse it looked. He (my ex) hired the most expensive top rated lawyer he and his families money could buy, I struggled. I struggled all the way through all the way until the end. All the way until the day of trial when came in and ran laps around opposing. He won for me, and rightfully so, I wasn't the one going I there saying and doing whatever to gain an advantage and win. It seemed like my ex and his very pricey hotshot attorneys tactics were going to win prevail, but they did not. Dave every it as quick, every bit as knowledgable much more creative, he was able to prove my ex was lying, he tricked him or confused him or jumbled him up somehow he got my ex to admit he was lying about many things, so many things, important things- Dave changed my life, Dave Saved my life. My life will be rich with my children because Dave Hawkins fought for me!

  • Dave Hawkins is the Dr House of Lawyers!

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    Anonymous review posted on

    I was the dark horse long shot- I had such a very high conflict case, not one thing typical about it. I had so many curve balls thrown at me, many twists and turns that made my child custody case very challenging to navigate, even more difficult to fight and seemingly impossible to win. To make things worse, He hired the most expensive top rated attorney he could find. He wanted to win at any cost and he found a lawyer that was willing to do or say anything to win.
    I hired a lawyer that my uncle (also a lawyer but not in family law) recommened. He was a very good lawyer. A great lawyer, and he deserved every penny that he charged me and deserved whatever amount of money he asked for to fight for me, because he was that good, but after almost 2 years of battle rounds I just could not afford to keep paying the hundreds of dollars an hour especially with no end in sight. I didn't have any credit I could use and I couldn't afford to pay my lawyer in full every month.
    Since this was a one of a kind unique situation, high conflict, contentious case it wasn't easy to get somebody to take over. I looked and looked nobody could qualified to take the case had the time to take my case.
    Then through posting questions on AVVO I met Dave. Over the last 3 years of asking questions on AVVO, one attorney that consistently answered me was Dave Hawkins. It wasn't even that he would answer as much as it was WHAThe would answer that was so impressive. It was clear to me Dave Hawkins was one of the top dogs, one of the bests. He really knows his stuff, the advice he gave me over avvo never steered me wrong, Dave was always right.
    I ended up emailing Dave directly after he answered a question I had posted on avvo, to ask him follow up questions. It was then that I shared a little more detail about my case and This is where Dave is amazing, the details of my case and story did not make him turn me away, no other lawyer wanted to take touch this case with a ten foot pole but Not Dave. Dave was willing to sign on in the 11th hour, learn my case, every important detail, file that was probably a foot and half thick. I was well into this custody battle, losing, and Dave thought he maybe able to help me at least "salvage something" that's what he said, he is so humble. He had all these ideas of what he would have done if he were my attorney from the beginning but couldn't now it was too late we were going to trial.

    I was losing (unfairly so) but I was losing just the same from the very beginning.

    I prayed about it. God can turn the most impossible of situations around, so I prayed about that and asked God to turn my impossible situation around. God listened and and gave me Dave.

    It was amazing watching Dave in trial. Wow, I mean wow. He is so quick, so knowledgable knows all the ins and outs, knows when and how to say what to whom and when not too-- he is better than he knows, so he strives to be better and that I believe is part of what makes him so much better than the rest. He dropped the mic on opposing. He is the Dr House of Lawyers.

    Dave Hawkins was willing to Fight for me and Dave Hawkins was able to pull a rabbit of all rabbits out of his hat, and HE WON! HE WON! I should have opened with that. That's all you really need to know.

    I have to give credit and All the glory and thanks to God who is in control of all things first

    Then I have to tell you that what Dave did for me seemed easy for him, it was not by luck that he won, he did not forest gump his way through my trial,bro win my case to do what he did, in the 11th hour and turn everything around for me, that my children are here with me right now, I owe him everything for all my life. If you need help, if you need a lawyer that isn't going to bleed you and every relative you ever had and drop you when all wells have run dry-- if the deck is stacked against you, like it was me, you're going to need somebody really good Dave is better than the best. God blessed Dave


    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    As some of the other reviews point out, the "flate fee" is NOT a bargain! If you like awful legal advice, no call backs, bad spelling and grammar, please hire this "lawyer". Dave will go weeks without responding to emails or phone calls, or may never respond at all, but will gladly dodge all contact attempts in order to keep your money. This guy is like a used car salesman, and should NOT be practicing law. Nothing will be done promptly or professionally, he will know nothing about you or your case, you will recieve laughable dismissive uninformative "legal advice", and will suffer undue delay and frustration in your case. The Washington State bar association should take a serious look into the unethical practices of Mr. Hawkins. Save yourself the frustration and headache. You get what you pay for, and may pay more than financially when using this guy as your "attorney".

    Dave Hawkins’s response: “No idea who this person is or if I even represented them. Without further info, I can't comment. It may even be an opposing party who did not like the results of the litigation -- I just can't say. However, I will note that I think it is fascinating that I am either the best attorney ever or the worst. Could be a function of whether the client, if the person was a client, wins or loses -- I don't know. Why should anyone accept the review of an individual who hides behind a mask?”
  • If you want to protect you're best interests, you NEED Dave Hawkins!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I was arrested for DV on August 4th 2013. This precipitated a brutal custody battle with an ex-girlfriend who was in no mood to play fair or make my life easy. Though I do not fault her and understand why she felt this way, it made for a very difficult situation in regards to the custody of our child. To make matters worse, I freely admitted and plead guilty to the DV charge so my hands were somewhat tied and I entered an uphill battle.

    I needed a lawyer who could get me the most out of the situation. I consulted with a few and some didn't want to touch my case because of the DV conviction. I was beginning to get very weary and hopeless until I met with Dave Hawkins. Unlike the other lawyers, Dave listened to everything I had to say in our initial meeting. Though Dave acknowledged the difficulty of getting a great result due to the conviction, he exhibited a confidence that he would be able to get an end result that I would be happy with. I signed Dave up right then and there and felt confident I found the right attorney to handle my case.

    Throughout my case Dave was on top of everything. My ex threw curveball after curveball and he was one step ahead of them, pointing me in the direction that would best help me. He seemed very attentive to my needs and was great at communicating with me and the next steps.

    Dave knows the law very well and that, coupled with his 20+ years of experience, allows him to cut through all the bullshit and get to the core of the issue. I'm happy to say that I was pleased with the outcome of my custody case. I was looking down the barrel of a shotgun with very little hope of getting a quality parenting plan and Dave worked hard to not allow this to happen. I hope I'm not getting to personal here but Dave dealt with a major foot problem, his cat biting him and causing infection, his mother’s health among a few other things all while working hard to get me the result I could be happy with. For that I am forever grateful. Dave is a focused and motivated attorney and will fight for what's right. The cat may have had Dave's hand but it never had his tongue. He speaks his mind and gives you the truth.

    I highly recommend Dave to fight for you family law court. He has a good rating for a reason and he is reasonably priced comparatively speaking. Please don't shy away from him because of the low retainer as it is in no way indicative of his efforts towards your case. Do yourself a favor and retain Dave Hawkins as your attorney. You will not regret it.

  • Would never recommend for family cases

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Dyan

    In March of this year I reached out to Dave with regard to my need for a parenting plan/residential schedule and child support. He was very willing to meet with me on a Sunday to go over my case/documentaton. We completed a parenting plan/residential schedule and support request that day. It was wonderful, after that the wonderful feeling disipated due to the lack of response I would get from phone calls or e-mails I would send. I feel like I was not informed of the process in a timely basis, many times I wouldn't hear back from him for weeks and at that point the issue at hand had gotten out of control.

    As of today, the parenting plan/residential schedule has not been finalized - as far as I know not to Daves fault - opposing council has not held their end of the bargain of completing accurate agreed upon documents for Dave to file. He last touched base with opposing council in is now November and I continue to receive cyber silence with my inquiries on an updated status, what our options are, etc.

    The day of mediation, I honestly wasn't even sure if Dave was going to appear because of the lack of communication provided up to that point.

    At one point, I had seeked advice from another lawyer who I was considering to retain in the midst of all this; she gave Dave the benefit of the doubt and e-mailed him - of course, that day, he called - I had missed his call and he responded to this lawyer saying he has made attempts to contact me but i'm not responsive. I called him back immediately as i was CC'd on this email thread and he answered my questions.

    All my emails have not been responded to or my phone calls - I understand that he has other clients, and respect that but to not maintain consistent contact with a client is not acceptable. I have even stated on a number of e-mails that if e-mailing is easier for him for his varying schedule that I was perfectly fine with this level of communication.

    Now, I'm in the process of retaining another lawyer so that she can help me finalize the parenting plan and answer additional questions for recent developments.

    So very frustrating.

  • The flat fee is not a bargain.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Amanda

    Dave seemed very down to earth and direct at first. I think that's why I trusted him. He had a really low flat fee. Nothing about him was fancy, so I thought I had been lucky enough to find one of those people who really cares about doing good for people when they need it most. Now I think he just combs sites looking for desperate people to represent cheap.Then he makes them do all the work and basically makes no effort to do well in court. He does show up for court at least. He seems to just really have no interest in helping or doing what's right. He makes his case on the minor details where procedure wasn't followed instead of using the character witnesses, affidavits, photos, internet search history, or the words of the opposing party. He even got facts mixed up. He didn't even take the time to differentiate between my case and my ex's. It was like Dave didn't even thoroughly read through the court documents. He was flaky when it came to meeting, he withheld reports and the outline of the case. I never knew what was going on till the day before it happened . He talked down to me and was so disrespectful and downright mean much of the time, that I had to request domestic violence advocates from the shelter I resided in, to come with me to court so Dave wouldn't bully me. He would just break me down in court till I was a wreck. It was over a year of hell. In the end I managed to keep custody of my son ,but no thanks to Dave. No judge would have taken my baby. I probably would have done better alone. No joke. In the end, I ended up with unfair debt, a car payment I can't afford and the responsibility of selling a car isnt even registered in my name. I was still homeless because my ex destroyed my ability to rent. The extent of the injustice I have experienced honestly is too great to express in writing. Dave scared me into settling out of court. I was crying, so he said a judge would likely take my child because I was obviously unstable... I AM not. I had every kind of documentation proving that, but.... Anyway. Knowing I was shaken and beyond upset, he verbally assured me of things that came up different in the final documents. To top it all off, I missed a meeting with him because I was ill. He made no attempt to contact me after, but went through the trouble of sending me fake email responses! He cut off all contact and is attempting to keep the money my ex had been ordered to pay for attorney's fees, even though I had already paid Dave in full. He makes big promises, but please if you are reading this... It's not a bargain.

    Dave Hawkins’s response: “Up date. I no longer represent this client and I can say that the statement regarding the attorneys fees I won on the client's behalf is patently untrue. The client was awarded a Judgment against the other party, yet, the client assumes that somehow I control that Judgement -- this is not how it works. The Judgment is in the client's name who has the ability to collect on the Judgment at any time if the client knows how to accomplish that task. Rather than asking me how to collect on the judgment the client made an unsupported assumption, not understanding the law. As to sending a fake e-mail -- I'm not sure what that means or how one would even do that.”
  • Competent, Organized and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ms. S. McLean

    Dave worked under extreme deadlines and was more than qualified to handle my high conflict Dissolution. He was empathetic to the Domestic Violence components of my case and was able to secure a positive judgement at trial, including a permanent DVPO against the Respondent. I highly recommend Dave Hawkins to anyone who is being pulled through the Family Courts by an abusive spouse.

  • Dave is lighthearted but knows his stuff in the courtroom!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Katie

    Dave is fun and lighthearted, helping client's to stay upbeat even in the stress of family court.
    He is easy to get a hold of and clear with what you should expect from the hearings and what documents you'll need.
    At first I was a little worried about how casual Dave seemed, but he really brings it in court. He knows the law inside and out and judges respond well to his insight.
    My case went just the way I had hoped and much due to Dave's hard work.