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Sara B Amies

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  • Is this harassment?

    I asked to take a picture with our regional manager and when I looked back at it he is making an offensive gesture. I looked at other pictures from the other employees and their's do not have anything offensive in them . It's this harassment

    Sara’s Answer

    I would want to know what the offensive gesture was and what you believe motivated him to make it in the photo with you. To be legally actionable, you would have to be able to prove that your manager's gesture was motivated by your race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or some other legally protected class. Then you have to show that the gesture was more than a "stray remark," meaning it was severe or pervasive. You also have to demonstrate that the act changed the terms or conditions of your work. So as usual in these types of situations, the answer is: it depends.

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  • Can an employer install audio surveillence

    My employer just installed video and audio surveillence to monitor our receptionist and her interactions with our clients. She is also planning on installing more audio/video surveillance in the back area where we work because she wants to monito...

    Sara’s Answer

    In Washington, it is illegal to record another person's conversation without permission. I agree with the previous answer, however, that in an employment situation, employers often require employees to agree to such monitoring as a term and condition of employment. The fact that your employer has openly announced this plan probably means that she has changed the terms and conditions of your employment, which employers can do "at will." You consent to such recording by continuing to work there rather than quitting.

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