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Deanna Jill Hawkins Pugh

Deanna Pugh’s Answers

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  • Can an employer that terminates you enforce a non compete clause under WA state employment law?

    I was terminated and now cannot apply for employment w/in any related companies for 1 year- want to know if I was let go if that will still hold up?

    Deanna’s Answer

    In general, yes, a non compete is still enforceable even when it is your employer who is the moving party for a termination. Washington will enforce valid non compete clauses. Some issues which might make a non compete NOT valid include requiring you to sign the clause mid employment without separate consideration for signing; not having the kind of position or access to information that reasonably requires protection from competition.

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  • Swine flu test because of tardiness?

    my employer made a new rule today that if you call in or are late for any reason even if it's non-medical related you have to go to the doctor and get tested for swine flu plus pay out of your own pocket is this legal?!

    Deanna’s Answer

    I cannot think of any way this would be legal, unless you work in the health care industry and have direct contact with patients or possibly if you work with any other population with compromised immunity. The nature of this rule appears to be completely arbitrary and has no purpose that would put it under the protection of any law for the employer. It looks like an invasion of privacy and potentially violates laws regulating individual's medical records.

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