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Matthew F. Davis

Matthew Davis’s reviews

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  • Very competent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Billy

    Matthew represented my in several legal matters when I was a general contractor..
    I was impressed with his knowledge of contract law and real estate law. He was a good negotiator and got the best possible results.
    He answered my phone calls and emails in a timely fashion.

    Hired attorney
  • Stay Away

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Matt has a high opinion of himself, in other words he does the "walk and doesn't back it up in court." HE takes on too much, and in return, doesn't give your case the time it needs to win. I hired him for a slam dunk case that a lawyer ran away from. My dog could have done a better job. I had expert reports from engineers and photos and he wouldn't use them, against my requests. I lost $120,000 on that case.

    Next case was to get me out of trouble with a declining lending bank and work out a "workout." he said he was one of only a few able to do it. He refused to return phone calls to me or our negotiating source, and I lost everything I had, including my own house of 26 years. He called me his friend, and stuck me in the back of the pants. Now I'm living in the back of a run down apartment, living hand to mouth. His business is with [redacted] and they are the ones he gives a 100% attention. If you have a big real estate case, please pass him by. if it's a escrow or quit claim deed, he could probably due, but there are much cheaper lawyers to do the job. Matt is a good reason there are all those bad lawyer jokes.

    Matthew F. Davis’s response: “Your bitterness and unhappiness are understandable. Unfortunately, it is a reality that lawsuits produce winners and losers, not truth. It also is a reality that those results are unpredictable. I know that you thought this was a slam dunk case, and a I cannot count the number of times I told you that there is no such thing. Every case can be won and every case can be lost, even if you do everything right. We had a $40,000 offer at mediation, which I recommended you accept. We rolled the dice on trial, drew a judge who was retiring (we were literally his last trial), and got a bad result. In the end, the judge believed the other side and did not believe you. I think that he was dead wrong, but he is the one who gets to decide. You said that you were happy with my representation during trial until the judge made his decision. With regard to the workout, I did negotiate the terms you wanted. The agreement was fully negotiated, and you signed it. It was in Horizon's hands, and we were just waiting for the signed version back. The the FDIC swooped in and closed Horizon. The assets were sold to Washington Federal, and it tore up our agreement. It refused to honor the agreement because it could make more money by foreclosing and getting money from the FDIC than by dealing with us. I spent months trying to get it to make a reasonable deal, but it wouldn't. I can't say what I think about Washington Federal here. All this said, I don't blame you for blaming me for your problems. I take every loss personally too, and even years later I lay awake at night wondering what could have been done to change the result. As attorneys, we do our best, but can't guarantee results. Over the last 20 years, I have a very good track record, but I also have had some spectacular losses. I probably get too much credit for the wins and too much blame for the losses, but that is to be expected. It is part of being an attorney. My opinion of you has not changed. I think you are a kind, good-hearted person. You worked very hard on your developments, and you did a good job. You deserve a break, and I hope you get one.”
  • Getting someone off a deed can be a problem

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    I could not sell the real estate unless one of two things occurred-an agreement could be reached with the other party to sell and divide proceeds equitably, or going to arbitration or court. Matt Davis was able to get an agreement to list, and thereafter followed through as needed until title transfered. He did an Outstanding job. I was able to let the entire weight of the problem fall on his shoulders. That in turn allowed me to focus on my job. It was clear to me he got me out of quite a scrape. I was quite comfortable with him representing me in arbitration or court. He is also an Incredibly able and talented trial attorney. I can't recommend him enough.