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  • How long does it take to quash an old warrant?

    It recently came to my attention that I have an active warrant in King County. Apparently I missed a court date back in 2011 to review a minor case (misdemeanor) stemming from 2006. I currently live in California, but need to address this asap...

    Jan’s Answer

    Like Mr. Lawrence said, you are going to have to come back at least once. UNLESS the case was never completely resolved, such as by a 'stipulated order of appearance', which is often used in WA municipal court cases. With a ten year old case, if it is indeed unresolved, the prosecutor MIGHT allow you to simply forfeit an agreed amount of $$$ to cover the warrant fee and a bail forfeiture amount. Of course, this is dependent on whether the case is still legally unresolved by a sentencing disposition, and whether the judge wll allow a bail forfeiture for the offense(some will, some won't).
    A lawyer who has worked in your court( Kent Muni??) will be able to let you know whether this option is available to you. Good luck.

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  • Charged $100 for the removal of furniture (not mine) in a student style apartment that was shared by four people.

    I was charged $100 for living room furniture that is not mine. The furniture in the living room was there since my move-in date August 2014. The Assistant Manager stated that I need to contact the other 3 roommates to ask them to take responsibil...

    Jan’s Answer

    This is a civil question, and is probably governed by the terms of your lease.
    You may end up 'holding the bag' for others-impossible to answer your question unless you provide your contract for review with an attorney.
    I will notify to repost, such as in a landlord tenant forum. Good luck.

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  • What does it mean closed dependent on Clerk's actions

    I had a felony and I was just wondering what does it mean to depends on your actions

    Jan’s Answer

    In WA., this expression means that the Court is not supervising the defendant any longer, nor expecting a probation officer to be supervising the individual. The Court is, in essence, indicating that the defendant is done with his/her sentence requirements.
    However, the court is hedging it's bet slightly, by indicating that 'clerk's action is required'. The clerk has to make an entry on the court record of the case-known as a docket-that the case is closed. This is usually done after the clerk's office checks to make sure all fines & fees have been paid.
    Once the docket entry is made, the defendant is 'off' supervision, and can't violate the terms of the court's sentence.
    This is important to the defendant in a classic way: if the case is 'closed', and THEN the defendant has another new criminal allegation, the old court will not take action against the defendant for 'lack of sentence compliance'. Good luck.

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  • Why did I recieve court costs and highway, dna, highway workzone, & public defense costs on my ticket?

    I looked at my receipt for paying my ticket, and I noticed charges I think are illegal such as court costs from city county and state (I was not pulled over nor live in or pulled by a city officer), DNA sample processing (never took DNA), highway ...

    Jan’s Answer

    All of those 'costs' are 'under-the-radar' means of courts getting more revenue.
    Your lawyer should have objected at the time of disposition of your case. If you had a lawyer, and that lawyer did not object, or if you were your own lawyer, you are going to have difficulty setting those various fees and costs set aside. You can, however, ask for a review hearing to have the court examine the fairness of the various costs.
    It's worth a try to ask for such a hearing, although many judges will simply say 'you should have brought this up at the time the case was resolved'.
    However, if these costs were 'tacked on' with no discussion in court, you have a better shot at having the judge rescind some or all of them; it's highly dependent on the judge.
    Good luck

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  • How can my boyfriend prove in court that his brother used his name when pulled over during a traffic stop?

    My boyfriend is on probation in Seattle and has almost completed his requirements for a DUI, but his brother recently was pulled over in Kirkland and gave my boyfriend's information to the police officer. My boyfriend therefore received two violat...

    Jan’s Answer

    Unfortunately, this may laborious, due to the Court{ assuming Kirkland Muni }.
    The criminal rules provide for a line-up that can be used to exonerate the accused, but Kirkland Muni will likely require a formal motion.
    However, officers are awarer of this 'id switch tactic' & are willing to help if the inappropriately accused person(1) is willing to provide photos of the person who (a) was most likely driving & (b) a photo of the person who was not. This doesn't always work, because, unfortunately, many officers end up concluding that they simply 'can't remember' the scenario because they write out so many tickets.
    If your boyfriend is willing to implicate his brother, he needs to hang in there and encourage his assigned counsel to talk to the arresting officer. Good luck.

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  • Do I have to register as a convicted felon

    I was arrested on a felony charge was sentenced to a year probation but I violated and was sentenced to 60 days I was released and nothing was mentioned about me having to register it's been over a year now will I be arrested if I go to the county...

    Jan’s Answer

    Registration? Depends on what type of felony you were convicted of. Normally registration required for sex offenses & kidnapping. Your judgment & sentence should inform you whether you have a registration requirement. Probably won't be arrested if you go to the jail, but better just CALL. Good luck.

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  • Can I be held criminally responsible if a twelve year old boy takes pornographic pictures off our phone and saves them?

    My brother law is divorced and has 4 children his ex wife has full time custody of them out of state. They come to visit their dad for 5weeks during the summer, during this time their fathers work so my husband and I take care of them during the d...

    Jan’s Answer

    ...."assuming he went on to my husband's phone....."
    This is a huge assumption, one that may be correct, but the details of which should not be discussed on this forum. It boggles the mind that the 12 year old had the access & time necessary to do such a maneuver.
    There are just so many questions that naturally flow from your description. Discuss this with a lawyer. AND NO ONE ELSE. Good luck.

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  • Does criminal forfeiture on an indictment mean that assets will be frozen pre-trial?

    For an indictment with multiple charge and counts, one charge is for criminal forfeiture. Does this usually mean assets would be frozen pretrial?

    Jan’s Answer

    Yes, that is what the expression 'forfeiture' normally means, and is 'frozen' in the short term; you will not be getting seized property back without a big fight with the government.
    The 'charge' is putting you on notice that the government will seek to keep seized property by proving it is the 'fruit' of a criminal enterprise. Put another way, the government is indicating it wants the property, and has the evidence to prove it is part of a criminal enterprise.

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  • What should I do

    I WAS SENTENCE TO 5 yrs in prison for dist schedule 1 in Louisiana I went to then myself in I was in a jumpsuit ready but they released me bcuz they didn't have any information to book me so they let me go nd was like come back with paperwork tomo...

    Jan’s Answer

    Your question is barely discernible.
    Turn yourself in.
    The longer you stay out, the worse it will be for you. Jails make administrative mistakes of judgment all the time. You were told to come back-if you don't, you are facing the additional problem or charge of failure to report or escape. The public defender can arrange your return, so that you don't just wait at the jail until personnel there has the correct paperwork. Good luck.

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  • My friend is a repeated offender she has 6 felony thefts and 3 pending they were will they try to hit her as a career Criminal

    She has 1 felony drug possession 6 felonys thefts 3 pending can they hit her as a career if so how much time is she looking at not to mention she has 3 months left on is pretty but now the cops are looking for her for the 3 pending cases

    Jan’s Answer

    You do not have enough information here to provide any sort of precise answer.
    However, it sounds like your friend has a drug problem. The government usually reserves using the career criminal tag for persons who repeatedly use violence, sophistication, or abuse of trust in commission of their crimes. Sounds like your friend needs treatment.

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