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Tanayia N. Blanchard v. King County Housing Authority and Allied Group, Inc.

Case Conclusion Date: 01.20.2009

Practice Area: Brain injury

Outcome: $7 million policy limit settlement

Description: This was a playground accident case that happened on June 18, 2006. Then 11 year old Tanayia Blanchard suffered a severe and debilitating anoxic brain injury when her neck became entangled in a cloth rope that had been attached to a section of playground equipment at an apartment complex in Federal Way, Washington. The rope had been tied to the equipment for a week or more according to resident witness testimony, police findings and expert forensic evaluation. Suit was filed on behalf of Ms. Blanchard and her parents against the property owner and property manager alleging negligence in playground maintenance in allowing the rope hazard to exist on the playground. The case was settled for all available policy limits for the property owner and property management company.

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