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Cydney Campbell Webster

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  • I think I need an attorney, I was rearended by a Clark County Public Transit vehicle.

    -I have severe neck, shoulder, jaw and back pain. Intense headaches, loss of sleep and had to miss work for 2 days. -My back bumper and trunk are shifted and no longer aligned... very possible bent frame. -Police arrived at the scene 2 ...

    Cydney’s Answer

    Yes, you should consult with an attorney. A consultation is a free. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingent fee, so you do not need to pay an hourly rate and the fees are taken out of your recovery. It is important to have an attorney to ensure the proper claim form is timely filed against the governmental entity and to protect your rights. An attorney can also give you direction on how best to handle your property damage as that needs to get resolved right away. I hope you have a full recovery.

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