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Amanda C Kunzi

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  • My boyfriend has 3 points and got an unlawfull possin of a fire arms in the second degree what is senceting range

    he has done 2 years federal prision but the charge for the unlawful poossion of a fire arm in the 2 degree is a county charge he has 3 points what is his sentanceing range

    Amanda’s Answer

    It is unclear from your question whether your boyfriend had three points before the new charge or 3 points including the new charge. If he had 3 points before the charge, the new charge will increase his offender score to 4 and he will have a sentencing range of 12-16 months.

    Additionally, if your boyfriend was on community custody when he picked up the new charge, the courts will add an additional point to his score. An offender score of 5 for unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree has a sentencing range of 17-22 months.

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  • Can i buy and own a gun in the state of washington if ive been convicted of a felony 7 years ago?

    i was 19 years old. had 1 beer. crashed a car and hurt a friend. was convicted of vehicular assault. can i own a firearm?

    Amanda’s Answer

    There are certain exceptions to the federal rule banning gun possession for those convicted of felonies. One such exception allows a person's rights to be restored if the state they were convicted in has a process for restoring those rights.

    Washington does allow for the restoration of gun possession rights in certain situations but the rules governing when and how a person can petition the court to have their rights restored is complicated and fact specific. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to review your criminal record with you and determine whether or not you are eligible to petition the court for restoration of your rights.

    It is important to remember that even if a person qualifies under the statute (RCW 9.41.040), their right to possess a firearm will not be restored until the appropriate court grants the petition.

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  • Do I need a lawyer?

    Found shoplifting $80 worth of merchandise at Walmart....police were nite called....

    Amanda’s Answer

    Prosecutors in Washington have certain time lines for when they must file criminal charges. This is referred to as the Statute of Limitations. For gross misdemeanors (like Theft in the Third Degree), prosecutors have 2 years to decide whether or not they want to file charges against an individual.

    Additionally, whether or not police were called that night, retail stores can later provide information to police stations for investigation.

    Most criminal defense attorneys provide free consultations and would be able to advise you as to whether or not criminal charges are likely to occur in a given situation.

    Regardless, it is never wise to discuss the facts of a criminal case or a potential criminal case online.

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