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Liza E. Burke

About Liza Burke

About me

I work to get my clients out of the criminal justice system.  A  percentage of my practice is devoted to special assault and abuse cases.  I also enjoy representing juveniles and young adults in educational, juvenile court and criminal court cases.


As a female advocate standing by a male client's side, I balance out gender bias and stereotypes. I bring none of that to the table myself and I identify and confront those issues if/when they are factor against my client. My female clients benefit from the fact that I can understand their perspective and experience. 


I am also a parent and fully understand the impact a pending criminal charge can have on a family whether the charge is against a parent or the charge is against the child. The whole family is affected.


After over 20 years of exclusively criminal defense and related proceedings, I can identify and develop strong defenses in cases involving false accusations, retaliatory complaints, misuse of the legal system.  In cases where the allegation may be true, my clients can trust that I offer no judgment, I understand that sometimes things just go wrong and people make mistakes. My job is then to develop mitigation and seek avenues for leniency and best outcomes.


There are many reasons why someone can find themselves accused of wrongdoing. Regardless of those reasons, my goals are always the same - dismissal, reduction and avoiding the loss of job, house, family,education, liberty or good name. 


I commit to getting this done expeditiously, with strong leadership and sensitivity.  I make myself available to my clients when they need me.  I use the respect I have earned from the court, prosecutors and other lawyers to my clients benefit.  I treat my clients as I would treat a family member or friend in trouble.  I am care about the professional service I provide and the positive changes I make to legal problems.  I am 100% confident that I can improve my client's situation significantly.