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Mimy A Bailey

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  • Saavy, Focused, Caring, Fearless and Winning Litigator

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JC

    Meeting Mimy Bailey changed my life, and my quality of life. After years of suffering, Mimy and her team became my advocates...she was my voice and she could speak in ways I could not, with knowledge and saavy and clarity that I did not have. I thought no one cared about us, but how wrong I was. Mimy not only worked with insurance companies on our behalf, she told my doctor that I deserved treatment for my soft tissue injuries. My doctor, who is excellent but probably overworked, had simply not thought of the treatment Mimy knew of. When I began the treatment, I actually began to feel better after nearly 3 years of pain. Have you ever had someone advocate where they didn't really even need to? Let me tell you, it makes you feel like a million dollars. I was always treated as a Most Important Client by her and her team.

    Mimy did an incredible job researching our case, gathering information and working with the other party's lawyers. Always strategic, she would explain in plain terms what we were doing, and why and what to expect. When I was deposed (for over 4 hours), she protected and guided me, and encouraged me afterward. Always upbeat, she was also "real" with me and NEVER misled me, NEVER made a mis-step, and kept me fully informed in each phase.

    Mimy was also realistic in the dollar amount I should expect, what parts of my case were strong/weak and what the strengths were of the other party. Her advice and thoughts proved absolutely sound. There were parts of my case that were less tangible, "touchy feely" kinds of things...but that were important to me personally. Mimy respected these parts of my case and treated them seriously even when she did not quite "get" them.

    Mimy proved to be an absolutely fearless litigator. I could actually see the other lawyers react in frustration, fear and uncertainty as the case progressed. The bottom line, Mimy delivered a win that paid out triple the amount I had hoped for. She even went after subrogation amounts from the insurance companies.

    I have already recommended Mimy Bailey to others. I highly recommend her to you.