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Alison Jean Warden

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  • How to get posession of legend drug (juvenille) felony off my record with additional recent charges?

    I have a felony from when I was 16. It's been 7 years but I've gotten arrested for dui in 2010 and disorderly conduct in 2011, How long am I going to have to wait about getting this sealed or expunged. I'm going to start a career in Aerospace on...

    Alison’s Answer

    Generally, a person can seal their juvenile record of a felony drug possession offense after spending two (2) consecutive years in the community without committing any new crime. RCW 13.50.050(12)(b). Unfortunately, as you surmised, your current charges will preclude you from sealing your juvenile record at this time. See RCW 13.50.050(12)(b)(ii). You won't be able to seal your juvenile record while the cases are pending. If you are convicted, you will need to wait 2 more years from either the date of sentencing or the last date of confinement for the new offense, whichever is later, before you will be eligible to seal your juvenile record.

    If you are not convicted of either of the new offenses, you should be eligible to seal immediately, assuming you have spent the last two years in the community without being incarcerated for any criminal activity.

    Good luck with this. If you live in Seattle, you can contact the juvenile sealing clinic at SYLAW for assistance. There is some information on their website, and they also list the dates of their clinic.

    Disclaimer: This answer is not offered for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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