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John Eiler Goodwin

About John Goodwin

About me

From 1978 to 1990 I worked as a claims examiner with the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, the Department that administers the Federal Employees's Compensation Act.

Since 1990 I have represented injured workers before the Office. I mostly do appeals to the Branch of Hearings and Review and appeals including oral arguments before the Employees' Compensation Appeals Board.

I also teach lawyers, physicians and trade unionists how to understand the Federal Employees Compensation Act. Each year since 1990 I have taught the annual advanced course in the FECA for the California APWU.

Although most of my clients are from the Puget Sound area, I have others in California, Arizona, Florida, New York, Colorado and Alaska. I stay in touch with them by video conference on Skype.

Photos and Videos

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