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Chad R Eubanks

About Chad Eubanks

About me

Chad Eubanks is a tenacious and seasoned litigator that approaches every case with an unbending determination to obtain the best possible results for his clients. "The first thing I do in every case is sit down with the client and examine every relevant fact." "What I'm looking for," says Chad "is a reasonable outcome the client can expect a court to provide in their situation. Then I map out a plan to obtain that and push for nothing less."

Chad describes his practice style as one of "continuous momentum." He believes clients should not be forced to live in limbo any longer than necessary during the difficult times that surround a divorce or other family law matter. "Too many attorneys sit on cases and let them stagnate rather than continue towards a final resolution." "That's not my practice style," says Chad. "I press my cases forward. If opposing counsel doesn't keep up, then I leave them behind."

Chad was raised in Gig Harbor and enjoys boating and fishing throughout the Puget Sound in his free time. He is also an avid snowboarder, a fan of baseball, plays the acoustic guitar, and enjoys the Seattle night life.