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Alexandra A Filutowski

Alexandra Filutowski’s Legal Guides

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  • 2016 Guide to Self-Driving Cars in Washington State

    Legal updates on self-driving cars in Washington State. 1. Does the Law Apply to Them? There is no law that directly speaks to self-driving cars (SDC), also known as "autonomous vehicles," in Washingt

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  • 5 Steps to Negotiating High Medical Bills

    Whether insured or uninsured, you likely have received a medical bill that has shocked you. You feel blind-sided and want answers. You also want to avoid collections. This guide can help you. Item

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  • How To Calculate Your Health Insurance Premium Under Obama Care

    Obama Care, also known as Affordable Care Act (ACA), requires states to offer various levels of health insurance plans to residents by October 1, 2013. Will your premium go up or down? Do you qualify for an exemption? This guide will help you answer these questions.

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  • How To File For Unemployment Benefits in Washington State

    Immediately File Online for Unemployment Benefits Visit Washington State's Employment Security Department (ESD) website and click Claim Unemployment Benefits Online (link is below). You will be ask

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  • How To Comply With Washington State's New Cell Phone Law

    No hand-held cell phones The new law prohibits drivers from operating a moving motor vehicle and holding a cell phone up to their ear. Based on Washington case law, "operating a moving motor vehicle

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  • Is Your Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable Under Washington State Law?

    Governing Law Review your non-compete agreement (NCA) to first determine what state law governs it. Absent a “governing law” clause in the agreement, Washington State law likely applies, so long as

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  • Is Your Employer Violating Your Rights in this Economic Recession?

    Overtime pay The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires overtime pay for employees, with some exemptions. Those working at a minimum wage or earning less than $23,660.00 annually, must be paid ove

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  • How To Handle Your Personal Injury Claim

    Insurance: Open Your Claim Immediately notify all insurance companies of the collision. If the other driver had no insurance and you have Uninsured Motorist (U.M.) coverage on your policy, open a U.

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  • How to Select Auto Insurance Coverage That's Right for You In Washington State

    Know the law. Washington State law requires drivers to carry liability coverage, at a minimum. RCW 46.30.020 and RCW 46.29.090(1), requires that every driver within the state of Washington carry at l

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