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  • I purchased the travel protection offered by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). How would I file an injury claim?

    I slipped off of stairs getting out of a therapy pool and sprained my ankle and badly bruised my leg while on a Norwegian Cruise on the Jewel. This happened in the spa on-board the ship. Instead of giving me ice to immediately put on the injury th...

    Alexandra’s Answer

    Ouch! It appears that you may have purchased BookSafe insurance with NCL? If so, may be best to call their sales consultant team and they can route you to the claims department. Without reading the extent of coverage, it appears at first glance, that medical expense and (maybe) partial trip costs could be reimbursed.

    Alternatively, this is the number of NCL's customer relations: 866-625-1164

    Hopefully NCL will then open up a claim file for you and an adjuster will be assigned to your claim. There are several steps after that, but this is the start.

    Keep in mind, to support your claim you need to collect documentation of your injury - medical notes, bills and photographs of your injury.

    If you feel you are not being heard or fairly accomodated by NCL, then feel free to call my firm.

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  • My adopted child tells me her foster parents son molested her. What can we do to stop these animals

    Told social worker at the time she seemed surprised and didn't recognize the name. Only now we find out it was at foster home... Including abuse of being locked in and having ti take care of others at five. It just gets worse. We want these peo...

    Alexandra’s Answer

    Consult with a litigation lawyer immediately to discuss further details and next steps to prevent this abuse in future and to obtain compensation for your child's suffering.

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  • Is there any legal recourse against false advertising or breach of contract by a money transfer company?

    A money transfer company promises instant transfer within 4 hours to bank overseas but once we initiate transfer on their website it takes quite more than is there any claim against this company under false advertising or breach of cont...

    Alexandra’s Answer

    If you suffered some damages as a result of the money transfer taking longer than 4 hours, then you may have a viable breach of contract claim. Iif you can prove the advertising was deceptive, you may also have an unfair business practices claim. The WA Attorney General's Consumer Protection office collects complaints, as does the Better Business Bureau (links provided below). IIf those avenues of recourse prove unsuccessful, you can hire a private lawyer.

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  • Emergency Medical Services Liability for Death Due to Delayed Response to 911 Emergency Call

    A friend lives in a home very close to the border of Los Angeles and Orange Counties in Southern California. His sister and brother in law were visiting from the Phillipines. The brother in law had a sudden and unforeseen heart attack, and the f...

    Alexandra’s Answer

    Very sorry for your friend's loss. Yes, your friend's sister, as the surviving spouse and possible executor of the estate of her deceased husband, has standing to sue in the U.S.

    If it can been proven that one or more of the agencies involved breached the agency's industry standard of conduct, then they may be held liable for the death if also it can also be proven that the death would have been avoidable if paramedics had been promptly dispatched in accordance with industry standard of care.

    I suggest your friend or his sister request a complete copy of the police report, 911 log and paramedics report and consult with a personal injury attorney. I am available for a consultation by phone or in person. My contact information is on my firm's website.

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  • I slipped and fell on the wet floor at Walmart.

    the manager did an incident report and I went straight to the emergency room. No broken bones. but I'm in serious pain in my neck and my butt. what do I do now and is it worth it to do Or to get a lawyer?

    Alexandra’s Answer

    I've handled many slip and fall cases. They are strongly defended by big corporations, so best to do your due diligence early on. Determining what you slipped on, why, and documenting your injuries and claim are key to making a strong case.

    1. injury documentation
    Since you are in serious pain, despite there being no broken bones, you may have misaligned your spine, sustained deep bruising or some other form of injury that will only fully manifest itself in due time. Keep a daily journal of your symptoms, limits and follow up with a doctor if your symptoms are persisting. You may need muscle relaxants or a referral to a specialist, such as a chiropractor or physical therapist. A follow up with your medical doctor is important to determine your next steps in medical treatment.

    2. fall documentation
    If there were witnesses to your fall, get their names, numbers and statements.
    Go back to the scene and photograph where you fell and your approach to the scene.
    Request a copy of the incident report. Likely management will direct you to make a claim with the Claims department of Walmart. Ask for the phone number, address and fax for the claims department.

    3. claim documentation
    Walmart claims will have to be notified. But, given the particularities of WA's slip and fall law, it may be best to consult with and even hire a lawyer first, to help determine what caused you to fall and the legal viability of your claim.

    My firm offers free slip and fall consultations.

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  • Solar installation is being delayed by HOA in decision.

    I am trying to put Solar panels on my roof. The CC&R dont mention anything about Solar. I sent a proposal to our arch board and then came back asking for more info that I have supplied. Now they want to go through the process of changing the CC&R ...

    Alexandra’s Answer

    CC&R have limits in WA with regards to being able to limit solar panel installations.

    Consult with an attorney who can move things along for you so you can rightfully reap the benefits of sustainable energy and savings without a headache from your HOA.

    I am knowledgeable in solar panel incentives and WA condominium law.

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  • Lost my appeal for Unemployment Benefits with WA State. How does a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge work?

    I was fired by employer for bogus reasons. Opened a claim for unemployment benefits, but was denied. I appealed that ruling, but lost that appeal. I feel very strongly that I was wrongly terminated and would like to pursue my option of a hearing w...

    Alexandra’s Answer

    Evidence is key in unemployment appeals. Your testimony, witness testimony, emails, documents, etc. that can prove that your conduct was not "willful misconduct" is necessary for an ALJ to overturn the Employment Security Department's decision to side with your former employer. Morever, a legal brief, citing relevant WA law, in support of your case, is necessary to argue for the ALJ to find for you.

    If you feel very strongly about this appeal and want to make sure that the deadlines are followed and all possible discovery is explored, then you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in this appeal process.

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  • Can I have a retail store that does not provide access to public bathrooms?

    My husband and I are trying to open a business. We are renting in an existing space. The building inspector said that bathroom was not ADA compliant and so we failed the inspection. I told him that was an employee only bathroom. He stated that...

    Alexandra’s Answer

    While some businesses may not be ADA-compliant, that does not make it right.

    Where you want to look to is the ADA guidelines. The ADA put out a user-friendly small business guide available at the link below.

    The ADA recognizes what burden modifying an older structure may impose on a business owner:

    "Therefore, the ADA requires that accessibility be improved without taking on excessive expenses that could harm the business...If you own or operate a business that serves the public you must
    remove physical “barriers” that are “readily achievable,” which means easily accomplishable without
    much difficulty or expense. The “readily achievable” requirement is based on the size and resources of the business. "

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  • If a will was drawn up in Seattle but the person later moved to another city, can the will being probated stay in Seattle?

    A will was drawn up in Seattle, notarized with witnesses. The Deceased later moved to Shelton, WA. Can the will be probated in Seattle?

    Alexandra’s Answer

    Yes. In fact, the probate can be opened in any county in WA that the petitioner requests.

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