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Craig Alan Platt

About Craig Platt

About me

Law has been my life. For my entire legal career I have worked very hard to be the best lawyer I could be. For nearly thirty years I have dedicated myself to the law, with much of my career being spent in public service. After graduating from Stanford Law School I began working for large law firms in Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. I moved into criminal law, handling major criminal cases, first as a public defender in Seattle, then as Chief Prosecutor for the Attorney General’s Office in Saipan. In Saipan, I focused on the prosecution of major violent crimes and government corruption cases. Upon returning to the States, my wife and I started our law firm. I have been very actively involved in many of the local criminal justice projects, including the establishment of our drug courts, the local law and justice council, as well as continuing to be heavily involved in the training of trial attorneys. I served as President of the Washington Defender Association (WDA) where I have continued volunteering my time to train young attorneys about trial practice. I have championed case load reform through my work as the President of the WDA. As your attorney, I pledge to bring the same passion and commitment to you that I have demonstrated in my life’s work. I am determined to represent your best interests and obtain the best possible case results for you. “Justice for All” is not just a phrase for me. It is a way of life.

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