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Jeffery Michael Jacobs

Jeffery Jacobs’s Legal Guides

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  • Proving Negligent School Supervision in Washington State

    School districts can be held liable for injuries sustained by a student as a result of negligent supervision or failure to supervise student activities.Furthermore, virtually all courts hold that school personnel have a duty to exercise supervision over students during school ho...

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  • Overcoming Assumption of Risk in Washington State

    When people are injured while participating in a sport or activity, they may be barred recovery in a negligence action due to a defense known as assumption of risk.This defense has been successfully invoked in cases in which participants knew and voluntarily accepted the inherent...

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  • Defeating Liability Waivers in Washington State

    There are times when we arerequired to sign anagreement (e.g., a gym membership, athletic participation form, rental contract for equipment, etc.)which purports toreleasethe party providing the service from all futurenegligenceclaims for injuries sustainedby the signing party du...

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