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Bicycle vs. Bicycle Accident

Case Conclusion Date: 01.01.2009

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $500,000 Settlement

Description: While riding his bike along the bicycle path in Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle Washington, our client collided with an oncoming bicyclist, suffering multiple facial fractures and requiring extensive surgical repair. His medical bills were substantial and because of the severity of his injuries he was unable to get the identity of the other bicyclist at the scene. He hired us to help. We were able to track down the other bicyclist, but he and his insurance company denied responsibility. We hired an expert to investigate the accident, filed a lawsuit, and conducted discovery, including taking the defendant’s deposition to prove that the defendant was at fault. We were able to negotiate a settlement of $500,000 on our client’s behalf. This was the maximum amount recoverable under the other cyclist’s insurance policy.

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