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Travis Scott Eller

Travis Eller’s Legal Guides

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  • Get Your Auto Insurance to Pay Your Personal Injury Legal Bills

    If you are injured in an auto accident you may have medical coverage on your auto policy covering your medical bills. If so, you may be entitled to have your insurance company pay some of your legal costs. Reimbursing your insurance company subrogation. When an insurance compa...

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  • The Eviction Process in Washington

    The Eviction Notice The eviction process, with few exceptions, begins with a notice. The most common include: a three-day notice to pay rent or vacate, a ten-day notice to comply or vacate, a three-d

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  • How to Properly Serve an Eviction Notice in Washington - [NOT the summons and complaint]

    When a landlord needs to evict a tenant, he or she must properly serve an eviction notice to remove them from the property.

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