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Kendall's Center Three v. UN SUK DIERKING, d/b/a Pho Restaurant,

Case Conclusion Date: 11.14.2006

Practice Area: Landlord-tenant

Outcome: Succesful at trial and then collected all monies

Description: My client leased property to the commercial tenant, Pho Restaurant. There were numerous issues surrounding the construction of the tenant's tenant improvements by tenant. Tenant attempted to turn this on landlord alleging that landlord failed to complete its work before turning the premises over to tenant. Tenant then stopped paying rent. Eventually the landlord sued to evict the tenant and to obtain a judment against the tenant. After a two day trial, the court ruled in favor of my client on all issues, evicted the tenant and awarded my client all of its damages and all of its attorney's fees and costs. After garnishing the tenant's bank account, The tenant paid all amounts due and owing and completely satisfied the judgment.

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