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Scott Roberts Weaver

About Scott Weaver

About me

My practice focuses on business and commercial litigation. A great deal of my work involves real estate disputes, landlord tenant disputes, construction disputes and general business disputes. I represent both large companies and small individuals. Some of my large real estate/development/construction related clients include the Benaroya Companies, Samis Foundation, Morris Piha Real Estate Services, Legacy Partners Commercial and Residential Real Estate, The Stratford Group, SRO, Schnitzer NW, Opus, Heger Architects, Forest City Residential, Tarragon and Western America.

When a client retains me to assist with a dispute, I fight to resolve the dispute in a manner that most economically benefits my client. Sometimes that involves fighting like a junk yard dog through trial. More often though, it involves being reasonable and cool headed while convincing the adverse party and his/her attorney of the merit's of my client's case. When I do my job correctly, the adverse party backs off his/her position and negotiates a resolution that most benefits my party. If I do my job correctly, we don't unnecessarily churn through thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees. My clients never say, "the only winners in the litigation were the attorneys."