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Polly L. McNeill

About Polly McNeill

About me

My practice focuses on the areas of permits and administrative law, particularly related to land use and the State Environmental Policy Act, and hazardous and solid waste matters.  My practice ranges from general land use permitting matters for commercial and industrial facilities, to specific land use issues related to recycling, solid waste and hazardous waste activities. My work includes all aspects of environmental documentation and analysis under the Washington State Environmental Policy Act, including preparing environmental documentation and as well as litigating related administrative and judicial appeals. I have significant experience dealing with unique problems associated with contaminated property, and have negotiated cleanups, contractual allocations of risk, and prospective purchaser agreements under both federal and state laws. I have expertise in federal, state and local wetlands regulations, and the Shoreline Management Act. In addition to practicing in state and federal courts, I have experience working with many local jurisdictions and most state regulatory agencies, including the Department of Ecology, the Washington Utilities and Transportation