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Linda E Worthington

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  • I'm blind in my right eye, and am applying for blind pension. I have gone to court, but the judge says the next time that I come

    that I should bring an attorney with me. Can you help me? Thank you.

    Linda’s Answer

    I am presuming that you are applying for Social Security Disability? If so, your best bet is find an attorney in your area that handles cases in the KC, MO hearings office by calling the National Organization of Social Security Claimant's Representatives (NOSSCR) lawyer referral line at 800-431-2804. You can visit the NOSSCR website for more information at: I hope that this is helpful.

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  • Losing benifits and medical from SSA SSI after 15+ yrs disabled

    I have been on ssa ssi for past 15+ yrs now ,,about 3-4 yrs ago i quit taking all the medicines that i found to be making me sicker and sicker so i stopped all meds,so when i have a headache/migrain now i just smoke some pot that was prescribed to...

    Linda’s Answer

    To terminate your SSI benefits after a Continuing Disability Review, the standard that SSA must use at this point is to establish that your condition has "improved." As you have appealed the unfavorable decision, I imagine that you are at this point waiting for a hearing. You should acquire records from your new doctor which will hopefully establish that while the new medication better addresses your symptoms, your disabling condition still exists and has not improved. You should retain an attorney who practices disability law to represent you at your hearing. If you are not receiving ongoing benefits while you wait for your hearing, your attorney can obtain a fee out of your back pay presuming that you are reinstated after the ALJ hearing. If you are receiving ongoing benefits during this time, you should negotiate a flat fee for service. As you receive SSI you likely qualify for low-income legal aid in your community who can at least refer you to an appropriate attorney who takes these types of cases.

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