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Kevin James Trombold

About Kevin Trombold

About me

Kevin Trombold has been defending people just like you for nearly twenty years. As a public defender and in his thriving private practice, he has effectively represented thousands of people charged with DUI, Domestic Violence and other crimes. He is highly rated by former clients, who praise his fierce determination in getting their charges reduced and his warm, knowledgeable courtside manner. Kevin is also well respected by the judges and prosecutors he works with across the Puget Sound for his expertise in DUI law, a complex area involving forensic science. 

  One rare asset Kevin brings to the table is the time he spent honing his trial and negotiation skills as a public defender. While private criminal defense attorneys in Washington typically go to trial just a few times a year, Kevin took several hundred cases to trial in his nine years with the Public Defender Association of King County.

Only a handful of Seattle-based criminal defense attorneys have Kevin’s level of trial experience. It molded him into a seasoned attorney who is completely at ease before jurors and judges and also skilled at vigorously cross-examining police officers and expert witnesses. Because he has won so many not guilty verdicts before juries, prosecutors in Washington know he is not bluffing when he says he will take a case to trial if he can’t get the deal his client deserves.

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