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Kathryn Julia Herrmann

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My passion is  securing compensation for people catastrophically injured (including financial and life care planning to restore a hopeful and fulfilling life despite disability), securing a financial future for families losing a parent or child to wrongful death, and fighting to obtain medical treatment/wage loss and compensation for injuries ranging from "simple" (is there such a thing? It's all about degree) soft tissue injuries to more severe injuries requiring a painful and protracted recovery process due to the negligence of others. 

I'm proud of my family: my grandfather, attorney Karl Herrmann spent 12 years as a Washington State Senator chairing the Senate Committee on Banks, Financial Institutions, and Insurance before his election as Washington State's Insurance Commissioner for 8 years. His signature legislation was signing PIP (Personal Injury Protection - coverage mandatory today for all auto insurance policies), into law in Washington state (one of the first states to do so), as well as the Washington Guarantee Fund (the fund insures that if your insurance company bankrupts, other insurance companies must step in and honor you policies). My father Charles Herrmann took on the South Korean government and Korean Airlines when KAL 007 was shot down by Russia, a case that took 16 years to achieve justice for the victims' families. His pivotal role in the case was portrayed in the HBO movie Tailspin. My uncle was a Washington State Supreme Court Justice, and his brother is currently a US attorney. In addition, 6 other members of my family are practicing lawyers, including my partners: my sister Lara Herrmann, her husband John Scholbe, and of course, my father, Charles Herrmann. Our family is proud and honored to represent the injured to level the playing field when taking on the well-funded, aggressive insurance industry, manufactures of defective products, incompetent lawyers, and corporations that value the bottom line over the safety of the public. This is the mission and passion of the four generations of lawyers in our family.