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Jennifer Anderson’s Answers

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  • Can back unpaid child support be collected from the non-custodial parent after the children have reached the age of 18?

    The children are now past the age of 18; however, there is still many thousands of dollars in unpaid child support. The order was filed in WA. Several years later the mother and children moved out of state. The father (non custodial parent) had...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    The statute of limitations for collecting child support is 10 years. Mom should be able to contact the Division of Child Support in Washington to collect.

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  • Can i get a passport if i have a warrant?

    I am 18 and wanted to take my son to see his father in Mexico but i have a warrant, can i still get a passport and Fly??

    Jennifer’s Answer

    I'm not going to answer your question directly, but I would recommend that anyone with a warrant attempt to quash it before you are arrested (which is, really, inevitable). Do you have a criminal defense attorney? If so, I'd recommend that you call that person and ask him/her what the procedure is to quash.

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  • Is there statue of limitations on crimes against children in childcare?

    Dormant memories should say it all.... Now as an adult I can do something, what? Where does one start, many years have gone by....

    Jennifer’s Answer

    RCW 9A.040.080 gives the statutes of limitations for various criminal offenses. Assuming you're talking about sexual abuse that amounts to rape of a child, child molestation or indecent liberties, the statute allows for prosecution until the victim's 28th birthday.

    However, just because the perpetrator cannot be prosecuted for abusing you does not mean that you can't/shouldn't report the abuse to law enforcement, especially if he/she still has contact with children.

    I'm sure that this goes without saying but I'd also recommend seeking counseling. There is counseling specifically tailored for adult victims of child sexual assault.

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