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Frank S Hong

Frank Hong’s Legal Guides

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  • Community Property, Community Debt, and Separate Debt in Washington State

    Community property Community property is any property that was acquired by either spouse during a marriage (excluding gifts or inheritances to a particular spouse). Community property can include real property, personal property, stocks, bonds, cash, and interest in an employer-s...

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  • Tenants’ Rights & Responsibilities under the Washington Residential Landlord Tenant Act

    The Washington Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RTLA) applies to residential leases. The RTLA does not apply to mobile home parks and residences regarding the lease of a farm or agricultural land. If you are a tenant who is covered under the RTLA, you have the following basic rig...

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  • Unlawful Detainer in Washington State–a Landlord’s Right

    When a landlord seeks to remove a tenant from a rental unit, it is known as an eviction. In the state of Washington, an eviction is referred to as an "unlawful detainer." A landlord must be justified in pursuing an unlawful detainer action. If you are a tenant, an unlawful detain...

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