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Christopher A Swaby

About Christopher Swaby

About me

Christopher Swaby has successfully represented clients accused of serious criminal offenses in state and federal courts with respect and compassion or more than twenty years. A fearless trial attorney, he has extensive experience with very serious matters including sexual assaults, child molestations and murder. Christopher is committed to treating every client with the dignity that all human beings deserve, and to listening to his clients carefully to understand their needs and perspective. Christopher has represented clients on domestic violence and sexual offenses since he began his legal career in 1990, and is very experienced in investigating, negotiating and litigating complex cases, to the benefit of his clients.


Christopher believes that even the hardest fought battles should be fought with respect, and is therefore liked and respected by both his opponents and the judges before whom he practices. He is an aggressive advocate with an easygoing nature. His ability to empathize with others allows him to more effectively advocate for his clients in court and to negotiate with prosecutors. He has honed his skills as a storyteller, and is prepared to make sure that both sides of the story are told effectively when he takes a case to trial. This approach has resulted in an impressive record of victories and clients well-served by his advocacy.


Christopher is highly experienced and well prepared for the work at the Meryhew Law Group. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors degree in Psychology in 1983. He was awarded a law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1990. A Washington, D. C. native, Christopher went to work for the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDS) immediately after law school and worked his way from juvenile court to serious adult felony cases, handling complex murder and sex cases. In 2000, he moved to eastern Washington, where he opened his own law firm in Kennewick, Washington representing clients in juvenile, misdemeanor and felony cases in state and federal courts across eastern Washington. In 2008, he moved to Seattle and joined the Defender Association, trying many serious felony cases in King County Superior court as a senior defender and supervisor. Christopher is a member of the District of Columbia and Washington State Bar Associations, as well as being admitted to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington and the U.S. Supreme Court.


Christopher loves his work and looks forward to helping you.