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Christine A. Pothering

Christine Pothering’s Answers

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  • If the landlord has filed a notice of a lawsuit to evict, but accepts payment of past due rent is eviction voided?

    a 5 day notice to pay or vacate was issued, a payment of over half the amount was sent to landlord, the landlord sent it back. A payment of the full amount due to the landlord has been sent but the 5 day notice is past. Now a notice of a lawsuit t...

    Christine’s Answer

    I agree with Ms. Powell. Once the landlord has accepted the pastdue rent, there is no longer a cause for eviction and a court will not evict you. However, as advised, you do need to enter a notice of appearance in the case.

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  • Renters insurance

    Can a landlord require tenants to carry renters insurance on the rental agreement?

    Christine’s Answer

    Yes, in Washington, a landlord can require tenants to carry renter's insurance.

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