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Case Conclusion Date: 10.07.2009

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Mother & Daughter reunited after 5 years

Description: Anthony (Tony) Ravani won asylum for a young woman living a torturous existence in her home country and reunited her with her mother in Seattle. He took the pro bono case when approached by the woman’s mother, who had come to the United States seeking asylum from religious persecution because she was a Christian in Muslim country. She applied to bring her daughter to the United States in 2005, but the young woman’s Muslim father found out and imprisoned her for nine months. She was barely alive when the father came back after and took her to serve her stepmother, who beat her. After much abuse, she finally escaped in October 2008 and made her way to a U.S. Embassy. It took Tony more than a year and much work, including traveling to the woman’s home country to meet her and gather evidence, but the woman was granted asylum and arrived at Sea-Tac Airport to meet her mother on Oct. 7.

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