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Stefanie Marie Dorn

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  • Getting lost within the criminal court system

    I have n felony/ forgery CHG in 2009 (11) so 1 point. I'm currently fighting 2 possession chgs on superior CRT right now. 2012 & 2013. 2012 was poss of a controlled subs w/out script later modified to say herion. (Not sure y) n the 2013 was poss ...

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    There also may be something political going on, given that heroin is involved. Since the days of grunge rock, the Seattle area has always had an issue with the drug. Then oxy got big. Heroin wasn't as much of a thing. Then they made it much harder to do oxy. So a lot of people, who maybe wouldn't have initially been interested in the drug, got hooked on it. Now there is a lot of pressure to get the use down, especially among young people.

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