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Jamie Corrine Clausen

About Jamie Clausen

About me

Jamie founded Phinney Estate Law in 2007 as a way of addressing a need she saw in the community for affordable, values-based estate planning and as a way to develop a legal practice that was consistent with her own values and legal philosophy.  Before founding Phinney Estate Law Jamie worked as a litigation associate at Cozen O’Connor, as an attorney advisor for the U.S. Department of Justice, and as legal intern for Northwest Immigration Rights Project and Northwest Justice Project.   


Jamie began her work in estate law in 2005 as a pro bono attorney with King County Volunteer Attorneys for Persons with HIV/AIDS (VAPWA).  She found that she enjoyed the opportunity to help clients with the planning process and and the chance to think creatively with these clients to address the unique needs of their situations.  She also appreciated the opportunity to work with clients to avoid conflicts. 


In addition to her work with VAPWA, Jamie also does pro bono work and/or worked for non-profits providing clients with assistance with immigration petitions, naturalization, applications for public benefits, and family law cases.  She continues to devote 25% of her practice to pro bono work and free community education.  As part of that service, Jamie serves as a volunteer attorney facilitator for the ex-party probate and guardianship calendar in King County.


Since founding Phinney Estate Law, Jamie has had the opportunity to work with individual or families in a variety of situations.  She has worked with newlyweds, young families, single business owners, blending families, the terminally ill, and non-married clients.  It is her experience that each family, no matter how traditional or non-traditional, is truly unique and, once you get to know them, have unique needs. 


When she is not working, Jamie volunteers her time to a number of local community groups including the Seattle Milk Fund, Phinney EcoVillage, Phinney-Greenwoood Climate Change Action Now, and the Greenwood Arts Council and is the elected Democratic PCO for her neighborhood.  She is a practicing Quaker with the Salmon Bay Friends Circle.  She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves spending a much time as possible enjoying the outdoors.  She is in three book clubs and is always looking for a good book.  She also carves and prints block prints which can occasionally be seen in shops and coffee house in the Phinney-Greenwood neighborhood. 


Jamie is a member of the Washington State Bar Association sections on Probate and Elder Law.  She is also a member of the King County Bar Association sections on Probate and Elder Law. She currently serves as the Co-Chair of the King County Bar Association Collaborative Law Section and the leader of the Long Term Planning Working Group of the Northwest GBLT Senior Services Network.  She is also a member of the International Holistic Lawyer’s Association.