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Gavin Nathaniel Johnson

Gavin Johnson’s Legal Guides

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  • A Practical Guide to Reseller Permits in Washington State

    Its important to keep up-to-date on state and local regulations that govern the purchase and sale of goods within Washington state, including which sales taxes may affect your business. Washingtonno longer uses resale certificates; instead, it requires every business that sells g...

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  • A Partnership Agreement: "You should have it in writing"

    Two close friends decide to start a company. They agree on just about every issue, including how the business should be formed and managed. They are ready to launch, make money, and grow their idea into a sustainable business. Each partner has an equal stake in the company, and t...

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  • Attention Business Owners: Here's Why You Need an Operating Agreement

    The mostpopular entity to form a businesstoday is the LLC. Many business owners form an LLC by filing their Certificate of Formation with theSecretary of State. As far asforming a business, this is the proper first step, but the problem occurs when the second step isnt taken. Tha...

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  • The Simple Step You Can Take To Protect Your Business: Draft a Noncompete Agreement

    Some of the most valuable aspects of your business are the goodwill youve developed (including your customer relationships), and the intellectual property youve produced. Anoncompete agreementcan be instrumental in protecting these aspects of your business from a range ofproblems...

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  • What Should Your Employee Handbook Include?

    An employee handbook can be one of the most important tools you can use to communicate with your employees. This guide details the areas a carefully constructed employee handbook should cover.

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  • Registering and Licensing 101 for Washington Businesses

    There are a number of government entities thatWashington businessesmay need to make filings with prior to commencing business: Registering a business with the state. The application itself is not difficult to fill out and can be foundhere. However, it is ideal for many strategic...

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  • The Copyright Exception: Works Made For Hire

    At some point during the life of your business, theres a good chance youll hire an outside worker, or an independent contractor. When you do, its best to have a well-drafted independent contractor services agreement that details the scope of services, wages, and other important d...

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  • The Flexibility of a Revocable Living Trust

    Perhaps youve heard the term revocable living trust. Its ever-increasing popularity has made it a frequent topic of conversation among tax and estate planners. As daunting and complicated as the term may sound, the process of creating a revocable living trust is actually relative...

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  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee: how to properly defining your employment relationships

    Do I hire an independent contractor or employee? Do I need an independent contractor agreement? Whats a 1099 form and who needs to fill it out? These common questions have frustrated countless business owners over the years. Its the holiday season, an incredibly busy season for s...

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