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Finch v. Beccaria

Case Conclusion Date: 03.27.2013

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict of $25,217 + attorneys fees and costs

Description: Plaintiff rear ended by defendant. Plaintiff went to ER one time, 4 chiropractic visits, 16 month gap in treatment before getting 3 more chiropractic visits. Plaintiff had chronic pain but was only breadwinner in family and had to stop treating. Plaintiff offered to settle for $25,000. Defendant offered only $2,300. Plaintiff filed suit, defendant asked for jury trial. PlAintiff offered to settle for $12,250, defendant rejected this offer, offering only $7,000. Case was then tried to jury. Defendant presented orthopedic surgeon to claim that only four weeks of treatment reasonable. Plaintiff presented treating chiropractor and forensic medical doctor to testify plaintiff's treatment was reasonable and chronic pain related the crash. Jury returned a verdict of $25,217. Since defendant failed to get a verdict less than the $12,250, the court ordered the defendat's insurance company to pay all of plaintiff's attorneys fees and costs on top of the jury verdict.

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